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A less than desirable past rental history will more than likely disqualify you from renting or leasing a house or apartment. Without a positive landlord reference it could take many years until you will find anyone that is willing to let you put your name on a residential lease.

Using our leasing and real estate company we will act as a previous landlord of yours and even provide you with a signed lease with all necessary information for documentation purposes. When someone does call to verify your past rental history with us we will give nothing but a glowing and positive reference.

Virtual Landlord

(Only $19.95 per/mo)

Evictions? Bankruptcy? Broke your lease? We have the answer!

  • Professionally answered by a “Leasing Agent or Property Manager”
  • Records verified and reference of high praise given.
  • Property Website

Current Postings:

Your Virtual Landlord Service Plan can be set up within hours of purchase. Our Virtual Property Management Company provides the finest references available. Simply provide us with your current address and the dates of occupancy; and leave the rest to us.

All incoming calls are answered in the name of the Virtual Property Management Company and a glowing tenancy reference is provided. We understand the critera Landlords are interested in; and answer each question with the highest of praise.

For only $19.95 (U.S. Currency) we will answer an UNLIMITED number of reference calls during your thirty (30) day service period. There are NO CONTRACT and NO AUTOMATIC RE-BILLING.

See for yourself. Call today and find out
what The Reference Store can do for you!

Please read our Limitations and Legal Pages prior to activating any of our services.