Current Postings:

The Reference Store is growing by leaps and bounds. We offer our employees competitive wages and flexible shifts. Below is a list of current openings.

Be advised that, the Online Application & Online Interview process takes approx. one (1) hour to complete. Once you start, you must complete the process during the same sitting.

Operations Manager: $34k – $40k/yr (Plus bonuses)


Is responsible to the General Manager for scheduling, employee training and discipline; supervises and coordinates all operational calls. Handles all client grievances to conclusion. Must be very creative, analytical, intuitive and able to work well unsupervised!

The ideal candidate has:

1. An Associates Degree or above.

2. Strong command of the English. (Both spoken and written)

3. Supervisory call center experience a definite plus.

4. Must be decisive.

5. Customer Service background.

6. Strong Computer Skills a must (Microsoft Office) and ability to type 40 wpm.

Case Handler: $12.35/hr

(Avarage Number of Calls per Day, 15-20. Average Call Length, 7 to 10 Minutes each.) (ABSOLUTELY NO PHONE INQUIRIES WHATSOEVER!

Is responsible to the Operations Manager to coordinate and execute the clients plan. Must think quickly on his/her feet; Must have pleasant speaking voice and be able to execute a flawless and seamless operation. Must be able to follow instructions without hesitation.

The ideal candidate has:

1. A High School Diploma.

2. Call Center experience.

3. Customer Service background.

4. Highly imaginative.

5. Must be persuasive.

6. Strong Computer skills and ability to type 40 wpm.

7. Knowledge of “Human Resources” practices.

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