Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is this legal?
A) YES! Perfectly Legal. Misinformation on a resume isn’t a crime!

Q) Do you help people outside the United States?
A) YES! From the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and even India! We help clients around the world!

Q) What if I get caught?
A) With all things, there are risks. If the deception is discovered, you could very well be terminated; evicted or suffer embarrassment and humiliation.

Q) What Security features do you use?
A) Our Security Countermeasures help ensure success. They are designed to Fool even the best of H.R. professionals. We offer two levels of security. Level one uses a 4 point system; while Level two uses a 7 point security system.

Q) Are "800 Numbers" Effective?
A) Let us be clear. "800 Numbers" are for Customer Service calls only. NOT for Reference Checking. Toll Free Numbers are used attract more Customer Service calls and make more sales. Human Resource Managers understand this fact and see 800 Numbers as a RED FLAG of DECEPTION!

Q) What is the maximum setup time?
A) The completion of service plan development depends on several factors; The complexity of your case; Our current workload, Your "Plan priority" and more. Development time ranges from one (1) business day up to fourteen (14) business days. Generally speaking, most cases take about three (3) to four (4) business days to complete.

Q) Which services do you recommend?
A) Each case is different. Typically, most clients prefer our VIP PLUS Package; as it offers the most “Bang for the Buck!”

Q) Are All Telephone Area Codes Available?
A) In General, Yes. However, there are instances where a particular area code is unavailable due to high competition for said area code. Such Cities include New York City, Los Angeles, Sydney, London, and Hong Kong. Be sure to ask for availability. No Area Code is Guaranteed.

Q) I have a criminal record. Do you have options for me?
A) Yes. We have a very specific and effective technique for clients with a criminal history. A few well placed "Cover Stories" make a HUGE difference!

Q) Can you Guarantee I'll get a job?
A) The Reference Store makes every effort, within the scope of its ability, to provide as realistic a reference to lend greater credibility to the hiring process.
The Reference Store controls what it can. We don't control your performance during the in terview, we don t control the validity of your credientials. Reference checks are only a part of the vetting process. (The 3rd most important part, after the Interview & Crediential Verification.)
Even after a stellar performance on our part, The Reference Store makes no guarantee whatsoever as to your getting hired by anyone for anything; or to the success of your objectives.

Please read our Limitations and Legal Pages prior to activating any of our services.