Virtual Employment
  • Featuring a Professional Automated Menu Driven process. "For Sales...Press 1; For the Service Desk, Press 2...."
  • Professionally answered by one of our live "Human Resource Managers". * (*Budget Plans Excluded)
  • Answered in the Name of the Virtual Company.
  • Use of the 5 "Buzz Words" that generate interviews.
  • Music on Hold (For Added Realism)
  • LOCAL AREA CODED Phone Numbers. (In YOUR area!)
  • A Physical Address
  • A Full Featured Web-Site. (No cheap web sheets here.)
  • Hundreds of positions in dozens of Industries covered.
  • Guaranteed Results!
  • Unique Domain Names for EACH Virtual Company we build. An Essential Security Feature!
As Always, YOU can pick the name of the Virtual Company on EVERY REFERENCE PLAN we offer!!!.

Virtual Landlord

(Only $19.95 per/mo)

rent Evictions? Bankruptcy? Broke your lease? We have the answer!

  • Professionally answered by a “Leasing Agent or Property Manager”
  • Records verified and reference of high praise given.
  • Property Website

REVERSE Reference Check

(Only $49.95 Report only; up to 6 References Checked) Court Related Fees Extra.

Are you being Black Balled? Dont let a past employer keep taking out revenge against you. The Reference Store will check your past references to learn exactly what your OLD employers are saying about you to prospective NEW employers. We work with you to develop a set of questions beyond the basics. The Reference Store then sends you a complete report to include:

1) "Who" gave the reference.

2) "When" the reference was given.

3) Conversation Transcribed.

The report we write, may be sworn and used in Court Action against your past employers. (Extra Fees apply.) The Reference can act as a dis-interested third party and is able to give an unbiased opinion based of the reference we inquire about.

Job Coaching

(Only $49.95 per secession) Secessions are one (1) hour each.)

Many times, jab candidates are "Passed-Over" NOT because of a poor skill-set; but due to poor interviewing skills. Dont go it alone. Let of Case Managers assist you in your job search efforts. We're the only Virtual Reference Service to go the extra mile.

Each Secession lasts one (1) hour; and may be held via "Skype" or by telephone. Clients may combine this item with any of our Service Plans to increase their chances for a successful hiring operation.

Virtual Funeral

(Only $29.95 per/mo)
  • Need a few days or weeks off? Blame it on the funeral.
  • Cemetery Website with name, date of birth, date of death, date of service, and survivors listed.
  • Calls answered in a very even toned, Morticians voice.
  • Authentic service sheet printed and mailed.

Please read our Limitations and Legal Pages prior to activating any of our services.